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A Faith-based Organization

A Faith-based Organization
What does it mean when we state that Team Wolfeboro is a faithbased organization?  How does it determine how we act?   How does it define us?
  • Faith means we believe that God is the answer to all our problems, including our current drug problem.
  • Belief in Prayer; practicing Prayer.  Twelve churches pray monthly for our youth, Team Wolfeboro, and other groups active in drug prevention and treatment.
  • Belief in God as our Creator and Jesus Christ as our Savior.   God has the power to change men’s hearts from a thirst for drugs to a thirst for wisdom and understanding (the knowledge of God).  It starts by simply asking God for help.
  • Follow Jesus’ teachings.  Jesus touched lepers (untouchables) and brought healing.  He also healed the lame, the blind, and the sick.  But most important he taught his followers to love not only God but all people; to respect all people.  He also taught forgiveness not revenge, humility not pride, love not hate, trust not fear, obedience not rebellion, and much more. We recognize that we may fail at times.  We are not perfect, but God loves us despite our failures.  There is no shame in asking forgiveness and starting anew.

First Christian Church of Wolfeboro has provided funding for Team Wolfeboro both in 2017 and 2018.

Our goal is Drug Prevention.   We hope that others will unite with us in achieving our goal.



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