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Thank You – YRBS Testing Approved

Thank You – YRBS Testing Approved
To: Jack Widmer, James Pittman, Krista Abear, Timothy Eldridge, James Manning, Wendi Fenderson, Charlene Seibel, Stefanie King, Dana Streeter, Kelly Tivnan 
(Publically available email addresses)

To the GWRSD School Board

Thank you for voting to conduct the 2021 YRBS testing.  The data will be valuable to the Wellness Coordinator, the School System, Law Enforcement, and the Community.  

Team Wolfeboro is against any organization that is for Legalization of Marijuana.  We have also challenged the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and other Drugs.  Last year $20 million was designated for a statewide youth Drug Prevention program, but there is no statewide program.  Goals are set, but never met.  In 2017, Governor Sununu said Prevention “stinks”.  Four years later, it still does.

In the last 4 years, Team Wolfeboro has:

  •  Conducted two public seminars on drugs in NH.  The first one (90 attendees) viewed Cycle: An Addiction Story based on Wolfeboro resident and Kingswood graduate (2018).  Sheryl Power, Guy Donnolly, and Chief Rondeau are interviewed.  The second had presentations by Law Enforcement (60 attendees) in 2019.
  • Established two websites:  Team Wolfeboro and NH Lives. (2018- 2019)
  • Helped defeat Legalization efforts (2019) by contacting every NH House and Senate members.
  • Purchased Red Ribbon Week promotional items for the GWRSD schools (2018 & 2019).
  • Had published 5 part series on Marijuana in NH in the Granite State News. (Sept – October 2020).
  • Prepared a Prevention Handbook detailing Family and Community Prevention Activities.- Attached. (2019)
  • Conducted a Roundtable Discussion of drug prevention in Ossipee. (2019)
  • Conducted an investigation into NH State Law Chapter 12J and why $20 million in Prevention Funds are ineffective. (2020-2021)
  • Found $300,000 in federal funds for Drug Prevention in Carroll County (Dept of Education); it disappeared overnight. State employee resigned.  (2020)
  • Submitted a Proposal ($4 million) to the Prevention Task Force on Public Information and Community Prevention Campaigns (2020).
  •  Recommended to Governor Sununu that the NH National Guard be given the task of Prevention to remove it from politics. (2020)

Members of Team Wolfeboro have been volunteers at the County Jail.  We have seen firsthand lives destroyed by drugs.  I spent 15 years teaching the Bible to inmates and decided that Drug Prevention has to be the Priority.  Since 2017, I have volunteered ~2500 hours to Drug Prevention and Team Wolfeboro.  It has been a calling.

Thank you again for voting for YRBS testing.

Bob Batson

Team Wolfeboro – “Partner for a Drug Free Community”


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